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Units to fit 70" and larger a/c with offset forks, P-47 inc 1/4 scale, P-51, Zero, etc, along with
the Top Flite giant arfs.
20% restocking fee on all returns
Shipping is non-refundable, return shipping is the
responsibility of the sender.
Shindin Machine warrants all products against manufacturing
defects to the original purchaser for one full year.
All prices subject to change without notice.
The obligations of the seller are limited to repair or
replacement of defective parts or at its sole
option, to the refund of the purchase price.
Small, med (std), large, super, and custom
Gear for a 132"Halifax
Please note that all gear produced from early 2006 to present are of the newer style on the right,, with the arc-style slot, the
straight-slot units haven't been in production for approximately 7 years. Still supported, of course.  L
old style
new style
For those planning to use electric actuators, we can provide retracts without air cylinders, reducing
the cost by $25 per retract unit, $50 per pair. Lado is the recommended actuator, and we can supply
the slider for it to be drop in, but others can be used as well. E-mail or call with any questions.
Please note that postal charges for international orders has gone up, and the average cost to ship a
set of gear to any country other than the US averages about $45-55, but will be actual cost.
82" Me109 gear with Lado RS666 units
ESM 82" FW190 mains and tailwheel, shown with optional
scissor links. $325 & up. See FW190 page for details.
Units to fit ME109s from 70" up, along with the new non-retract tail wheels.
Units to fit FW190s from 68" up
Units to fit Spitfires from 70" up
Units to fit Seafurys from 80" up
Units to fit SBDs from 85" up
Units to fit Hurricanes from 70" up
Units to fit OV-10 Broncos from 80" up
Units to fit the Bates' D-520, D-3801, Spartan Executive mains and tail, more soon from JBP.
Gear for miscellaneous ARF kits from ESM, KMP, CMP, Hangar 9, World Models, and others.
Non-retractable gear, for the Stuka, Val, Fokker D-21, Anderson Ki-15 Babs, Reid Ki-27, and
others. Also available to fit custom measurements as to strut length, wheel/fork size, etc.
Gear for P-38's from 80" up
Struts to fit Skyshark kits, using aftermarket retracts.
Misc items that don't fit the other categories, including the Hangar 9 P-47 replacement struts,  
custom length/diameter engine standoffs, etc. ALSO THE MACCHI 202 GEAR ON THIS PAGE.
Gear for DH-103 Hornets from 80" up
Gear for T-28's from 80" up. Updates coming late January.
Stuff like the P-66, the IMP and large Macchi, Pogo, etc
Electric actuators must be purchased separately. The actuators shown in photos
on this site are the ones used "in house" to setup and verify proper fit, so that
yours will be "drop in".  E-mail for specifics for different manufacturers' units.
80-100" Seafury/Tempest gear
Bates D-520 gear
Struts and mounts for an 80" Val
Call or e-mail for specific needs
(angles, spacing, mounting, etc.
Shindin machine was founded in August, 2000, in Grovetown, Georgia,
USA. We recently moved 5.5 miles to our new location, everything is
now built here in Harlem, Ga, just outside of Augusta, Ga, USA.
E-mail or call to inquire about discount
for payment by USPS money order
We do accept credit cards through Papal.  If you do
not  have a paypal account, that is not a problem, we
can send you an invoice which will contain a secure
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