Gear for the Bates' Dewotine D-520, 89" span, 85 degree retraction, 14 degree forward rake built into the
pivot block, uses clamp strut retention, hd 3/4" barstock struts & 1/4" hardened steel axles. Door mounts
and scissors available. Shown with WB 5 1/4" wheel, not included.  $495 a pair plus $15 priority
mail/insured shipping in the cont US. Available now.
Jerry Bates Plans
1/6 Scale George up next.
D-3801 Moraine Saulnier
Spartan Executive, in 1/5 scale, shown with optional scissors, and non-retract tail wheel assembly
(shock absorbing) these are available now. Correct 83.5 degree retraction angle. These can also be
made to the larger 1/4 scale size if needed. Mains are $475, tail is $150.