3.5 degree adaptors for Platt's
T-28, steel, $45/pr ppd/cont US
Barton struts for the 86" Don
Smith Ki61 Tony  on Shindin
Machine 88 degree mains....
Yellow Aircraft Zero struts on
Shindin Machine 85 degree
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This is a set of parts to make a
hinged front end for an Austin
Healy Bug-eyed Sprite. It allows
you to tilt the whole front end
forwards. Could probably be
adapted to other vehicles as
well.... all parts are 1/4" thick
6061 T-6 aluminum, except the
two brace/spacer blocks, which
are 1" sq from the same material.
email for info.
Adaptors... can be made to any
od, id,length, etc, these are 3/8"
id, 1/2" od, 5/8" oal, to adapt a
3/8" strut to a 1/2" socket.... the
split allows it to squeeze the 3/8"
strut..... these are steel, but can
also be aluminum, brass, etc....
email your specifics.....
Replacement struts for the factory retracts 80" Hangar 9 P-47 arf.  Also available for the H-9 P-51
(same strut/suspension, 3/4" shorter length).These are a drop-in replacement for the oem struts.
They are machined to the correct, metric size. These are $85 a pair, plus $10 shipping, and are in
stock .  Door mounts are also available for these, at $35 for a set of 4 with hdwr.
Click on any photo below for a larger image
Replacement struts for the
World Models 80" Zero.
.500" top, and 1/4" axles.  As
on all gear, the axle  flats are
machine ground, these struts
are $85 a pair. Email for info on
smaller Zero struts.
Engine standoffs available, any
(unthreaded available also)
from $35 & up per set.
Nose strut for the Anderson Lynx, steerable, firewall mount, adjustable,
with cable steering. More info on the fixed gear page.
The Macchi gear are available now in the IMP and similar kit size, at $400 and up, with the larger version available,
will be similar to these (these take a 5" wheel), but a good bit larger (up to 7-8" wheel, shown above), strut mounted out
in front of the unit.
Gear for a rather large Beaufighter, other similar gear availabele to your specs,  shown extended and retracted. The extra blocks are to hold
things in place for the photos. Price varies depending on specifics, but starts around $600, depending on size, loading, and mainly, complexity.
Gear set up for Lado adtuators, Lados not included, I do not stock
these, but can build your gear for a "drop in" Lado installation. These
are for the RS666, but others available as well.  
Big Macchi gear, 14" pivot to axle, 8" Sullivan wheel, forks machined from
solid barstock 6061. Shown with door mounts, scissor links, and optional
bushing plate to support the main shaft. Support is bronze-bushed, and can
be mounted in front of or behind the strut.
Tailwheel on Jimmy's ESM Me109. Thanks again for the help with the
specs on the mains and tail!
Replacement struts for a Byron Zero. Check your gear to see if they need the
2 degrees of forward rake.
Retractable tailwheel for something, Can't remember what it was? Vertical mounted, may have been a Meister P-47. Last couple months have been busy!
One of the big Macchi gear with a TF "giant" scale P-51/47 retract
8" Sullivan wheel with alum wheel covers (just flat plate, .125" thick)
Prototypes of the P-51/47 low profile gear, would also work in other stuff.Up and down angles can be modified as needed, for the correct angle
when up, and when down. This set was wrong. Mounting holes are the same pattern as those 620 series ones. Lmk if you need a different mounting
plate/hole layout.
Some of what we've been working on, more photos to follow when I get time.