Pilot Projects
Lenny Smith of Kenner, La, built this awesome 100"
FW190d9 as the prototype of the American Eagle kit.
Power is a twin cylinder Zenoah GT80, Shindin
Machine main gear, finish and all-up weight once I find
Lenny also built this 100" FW190d9 from Meister
plans.... Zenoah GT80, Shindin Machine mains, all-up
weight and finish when I find out......
Lenny Smith built this 100" prototype of the
American Eagle kit. Zenoah inline twin, Shindin
Machine retracts...
Local guy Craig Baker built this P-51d from a Jack Devine kit. Shindin Machine main
gear and other misc doo-dads (advantage of being local!), ZDZ 40, finish, about 22 lbs.
Vic Catalasan built this prototype of his own 88" kit. Has to be
one of the nicest P-38 kits available.... Shindin Machine mains &
nosegear, two Zenoah G-26's, all up weight about #23
Ben Willis of South
Carolina re-built this 80"
FW190 d9 from a Holman
kit. Plane had been
finished and flown, but
was in need of a total
rebuild. Super nice job!
Shindin Machine main
gear,  power was a Poulan
42cc gasser converted to
ignition, may have been
changed now......
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Martyn Warrens' cool spit on final, more specs coming...
Pat Finney's Ov10 Bronco with Shindin Machine strut set.....  very nice, wish I had room for one of
Sam Sorem's 1/5 scale Pica Spitfire.... If mine had looked like this, I would have
kept it!!
Serge out in sunny Ca sent these photos of his KMP Me109 along with a movie of one of it's flights, very nice
Lenny Smith, of Kenner LA, strikes again...and again..... and again! Just a few more awesome FW's from his
A few Shindin Machine equiped  aircraft in the Lenny Smith Air Force.
KMP OV10 Bronco
Jack Devine Models P-51d
VicRC P-38
Pica 1/5 Spitfire
Holman FW190d9
Dynaflite 81" Spitfire
Rich Pandis sent in these photos of his 102" BF109 G6, built from Meister plans, powered by a
B&B G-62 and guided by a JR 12x and Ace R/C all digital servos, after a rebuild by David Pearson
and new paint by the infamous Todd Burley, as "Black 8" from JG54.
When you send in your photos, please be sure to include info for the project
so it can be listed. Lmk if you prefer just your initials to be used, Thanks!
Another from Lenny Smith, this one a 102 " P-47, one of two he built at the same time.
Tim Ramsden sent these photos of his Reid's Nakajima Ki-27 Nate. 93" span, 3w-50 power,
prototype Shindin struts, and latex paint with full weathering, panel lines, and rivet detail.  
Trent sent these photos of his Hangar 9 P-51 with Shindin struts mounted to Tiano mechanicals....
Dennis Hartley from Canada's Vailly Tempest
"Hi Lenny, The Tempest, is the Vailly design 1/5 MKV,  She came out at 45lbs but you would not know that from the way she
flys. Thanks for the Vailly Tempest agear I got from you, they work great.  Glassed and painted with latex warbird paint from
Clark industries. The cockpit kit is from DB, engine is a ZDZ 80RV with a carbon 26X10 prop turning 6500, servos HS645 all
over."  (PS, I've seen the flight video, it does fly great!)
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