Replacement stuff for ARF kits
Three-gear set of air-up & air-down gear for the VQ P-61 and similar kits & arfs. The set shown has the scale angles for the
VQ P-61, 100 degrees for the nose unit, and 96 for the mains. The cylinder on the nose unit points forwards for clearance of
the cockpit kit, and the cylinders on the mains point rearwards to clear the firewalls. These gear can be made to any angles,
and with the cylinder on either side. The set runs $425, but you may be able to get them from your kit supplier.
Hangar 9 P-47 .150 replacement struts
Kmp Me109 replacement struts & gear
VQ P-61 replacement scale uppers see below (under the f7f stuff)
VQ P-61 Black Widow
Email Lenny
Tom in San Diego sent some photosof the
prototype gear in his CMP F7F Tigercat, they
can be seen on the
pilot projects page.
Here are a few photos of the F7f gear, can be top-mount as shown below, or built to mount like the factory units,
depending on your fuel tank arrangement. Priced in the $495-$550 range, and available now.
The gear are currently available in the "upside-down"
format as shown here, or a standard build, depending on
your needs and fuel-tank clearance. Either format allows
the wheel to retract completely into the nacelle.  Email for
additional info.
World Models Zero 82"/ Hangar 9 P-47 upgrade, $325
World Models Spitfire, with 10 degree built-in forward rake. $345 a pair.
Cmp and similar BF110 replacement gear, $275