1/4 scale P-47/P-51(and others) gear
Gear for the 122" Equinox 1/4 scale P-47. 88 degree retraction, 14" pivot to axle, 1.125" commercial air
cylinders, 1" struts, 3/8" axle with wheel collar, 2.5 degree up-angle, for up to an 8" wheel (these specs can
be modified to fit your needs, usually at little or no additional cost). LIFTS A 1.5# WEIGHT SMOOTHLY AT 60
PSI ! $795 a set, plus actual shipping, usually around $20-24. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Scissors and door
mounts available at extra cost.  Email for more info.
Shown with a standard 4 3/4" CD for size reference.
Gear can also be built in this size/format for other giant scale aircraft.